The Journey to Love

One fine summer’s day a handsome young man named Dick and a beautiful young woman named Jane met and decided to go on a trip together. They had heard of a miraculous place called Love, where they would feel the most magical and wonderful feelings they had ever felt, where all of their deepest dreams and desires would be fulfilled, and where they would live happily ever after. Since they weren’t sure where Love was, they went to a travel agent to ask for directions. The travel agent took their money and led them to a special shimmering spiral path that got higher yet deeper with every step.  “Have fun, my dears! And oh yes, you may skip if you like!” Dick grabbed Jane’s hand and they skipped around the spiral, laughing and singing as they went.


Suddenly their euphoria was interrupted by a bedraggled older man crawling on his hands and knees. “Go back! Go back while you still can! Don’t go any further! I lost everything I had in Love!”


What an odd, strange man thought Dick and Jane. Whatever was he talking about? How could you possibly lose anything in Love? He was just too peculiar to take seriously, so they skipped right by him, their singing drowning out his pathetic, pleading voice.


The sun was shining brilliantly, and fragrant wildflowers were blooming abundantly all around them as they merrily skipped along the path to Love.


They soon came upon a middle-aged couple, walking slowly toward them. The couple walked about fifteen feet apart yet in some grotesque way seemed to be walking together, though curiously their eyes never met. Each looked bored, apathetic, even depressed. Their bodies were alive but their souls seemed to have died a long, long time ago.


Dick smiled and greeted the couple. “Lovely day, isn’t it?” he beamed. No response, just a dull blank stare. Jane took up the cause. “Have you been to Love?” The woman raised her eyebrows slightly. The question seemed to bring a faint smile to her lips. She nodded her head weakly but said nothing. The man was now walking ahead of her.


Dick and Jane held each tighter, then laughed a nervous giggle. Their exuberance clearly a decibel lower, they shrugged their shoulders and moved on. They KNEW that Love was the most wonderful place in the whole wide world. They congratulated themselves on their great judgment, and expressed sadness that not all couples were as smart as they.


The terrain became a bit steeper, and a few clouds began to appear in the sky as a smiling, handsome, charismatic man walked toward them. “Hello fine sir,” Dick said. “Have you been to Love?”  “Oh yes, it’s a wonderful place indeed!” Relieved, Jane said, “Oh that’s great to hear because we’ve met a few quirky people who didn’t seem to really like Love that much.” The man continued. “Well, to tell you the truth, I never go past this point myself. I can’t see a good reason to go any farther. But I do enjoy the journey from the beginning to here so much, I just keep going back and doing it over and over again. I love Love!”


Dick looked puzzled. “But is this Love? Are we there yet? The path continues as far as I can see!” The man laughed loudly. “No you’re right, technically you’re not even close to Love. But hey, don’t get hung up on details. Come back to the beginning with me. Start all over again with someone new. The weather’s always great and the scenery is gorgeous!”


Dick was tempted, but Jane insisted they go on. After all, they were different than all the others. They KNEW what Love was and how to get there. And she certainly didn’t want to go to Love with anyone other than Dick.
Soon the skies grew dark and menacing, and an intense thunderstorm filled the sky with sound and fury. They desperately looked for shelter. A friendly couple appeared out of nowhere, who offered them an umbrella and invited them into a dry cave to share some tea and conversation. Dick and Jane instantly felt safe and open with this warm and engaging couple. They realized the man was blind, and they felt sorry for him. Yet he seemed so happy! And he radiated the calm aura of one who can see the deepest truth in any situation.


“Have you two been to Love?” Jane asked. The man laughed. “Oh yes, in fact we’re there right now! But it’s a long journey, you see, and you must be prepared.” Dick responded. “What do you mean prepared? We were just told to follow this path.” The blind man went on. “Well for any journey to be safe and successful, be it to Love, Chicago or Tibet, you need a trusty road map and guidebook, to benefit from the learnings of those who have gone before you; you need a reliable vehicle to get you there; you need people you can call for help if you should get sick or break down before reaching your destination; and you need enough extra supplies to protect you so you’ll survive when the going gets rough. Do you have these things?” A twinkle seemed to emanate from his eye.


Jane stammered. “Well, we…I mean we sort of…” Dick jumped in. “Oh yes, we’re very ready for this journey.”


The blind man smiled as the sky began to clear. “Well good then. Because if you’re prepared, the journey to Love will be the most wonderful journey of your life. I wish you all the best.” He extended his hands outward. They embraced for a long moment, and Jane thanked the couple for their kindness. Dick opened the umbrella, grabbed Jane’s hand, and together they headed out into the light rain. Without saying a word, perfectly in sync, they turned and slowly began walking back, back down the path together, gently squeezing their interlocked hands.