Would you like to find a fulfilling, loving, intimate relationship? Or improve the quality of one or more of the relationships already in your life? If so, you have come to the right place! We are a psychoeducational service organization located in Royal Oak, Northville and Ann Arbor Michigan dedicated to:

  • helping all adults in the United States achieve healthy, fulfilling, loving long-term intimate relationships;
  • reducing the divorce rate in the United States;
  • improving the emotional health of the families that children grow up in; and
  • unleash a wave of health in intimate relationships for future generations.

More specifically, our goals are to provide adult men and women with the tools, skills and understanding to:

  • attract, develop and maintain healthy, satisfying, long-term committed intimate relationships; and
  • successfully deal with the challenges of parenting in today’s complex world.

Our distinctive professional services are targeted to:

  • SINGLES who are having difficulty developing intimate relationships;
  • COUPLES currently in an intimate relationship which is characterized by ongoing conflict, distance and/or lack of satisfaction; and
  • PARENTS experiencing problems, difficulties and concerns raising children of any age.

Our programs are extremely effective, because we integrate the latest scientific research, theoretical writings and personal experiences into formats which are practical, useful and immediately applicable to your unique situation. Our educational programs are always entertaining as well as informative, helping people easily remember how to apply important concepts in their daily lives.
Our philosophy comes from a preventive/educational approach to relationship creation and enhancement. We believe that with the right skills, tools, understanding and effort, most people can create lifelong loving relationships with each other and with children in their lives. Education gives people the understanding and tools to make healthy choices; consistently doing so prevents future problems and leads to more happiness, intimacy and fulfillment in all relationships.
In carrying out our mission, we are guided by certain principles and values. We are committed to:
1. excellence, honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business;
2. expressing respect for the dignity and uniqueness of all people;
3. providing outstanding customer service by

  • continually developing and implementing the most useful and highest quality products and services possible, to best serve the relationship needs of our local, state, national and global communities;
  • creating the highest levels of customer/client satisfaction possible;
  • striving to make all of our services and products practical, useful, educational, and entertaining

4. creating a team work environment which is

  • fun and enjoyable
  • creative and stimulating
  • friendly and collegial

and where

  • all staff members participate as an integral part of the overall team
  • the contributions and achievements of all staff members are recognized and rewarded;

5. creating positive win-win relationships between ourselves and our clients/customers, and between and among all staff members;
6. maintaining a responsible, optimistic, positive solutions-oriented approach to all challenges and conflicts;
7. striving to integrate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions in all of our business practices, ideas, products and services;
8. using technology to bring our mission to as many people as possible and to enable us to work as efficiently and productively as possible; and
9. using environmentally friendly products whenever possible.