Brittany is a licensed clinical social worker who earned her Bachelors degree in social work from Eastern Michigan University and her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Wayne State University.

Brittany’s work experiences include providing therapy for children, adolescents, adults and families. She has experience in group therapy as well as individual and couples counseling. Providing resources and therapy to individuals and families who find themselves struggling with communication, anxiety, emotional abuse, difficulty trusting others, family dynamics, difficulty disclosing feelings/emotions, and depression are her areas of focus.

Brittany has worked in the school system in addition to the medical health field providing counseling and resources for families, adults, the elderly and those with terminal health conditions. Brittany is determined to make each and every client feel comfortable and safe during the therapeutic process. She is committed to providing clients with the tools needed to embrace life’s obstacles with confidence.

Brittany works out of our Northville offices.

To make an appointment with Brittany, call 734 887 1785 or send an email to: