Ban-AbboBan Abbo, MA, LLP did her undergraduate work at the University of Michigan in Psychology and her Masters program at Michigan School of Professional Psychology. She has a passion for helping couples, as well as people in overcoming their struggles and become more functioning individuals. She has extensive experience helping a diverse population including Refugees, juvenile delinquents, victims of war trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, relationships, anger management, stress related to work financial issues, and parenting. She is also trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

She has worked in the St. John’s Chaldean Community Foundation as a Refugee Therapist and Administrator, and as a Psychotherapist in the Arab-American & Chaldean Council.

Ban is also certified to work with Compulsive Gamblers who have difficulties controlling the impulse to gamble in any form.

Ban works out of our Northville office.

To contact Ban regarding her therapy services, call (734) 887-1785 or send an email to: