Diann-BraunDiann Braun, MA, LLP

Diann Braun received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Center for Humanistic Studies (now Michigan School for Professional Psychology) in 1983. Prior to her professional degree she worked in mental health administrative positions in various clinical settings. She believes that mental health and counseling services should be delivered in a more compassionate, non-medical environment. She believes in the individual’s ability to grow and change, especially when faced with life challenges.

Diann works with women and men who are navigating those difficult times. Depression, anxiety, confusion, unsatisfying relationships, and unhealthy lifestyles often result from the person’s inability to “see” how their old patterns and behaviors are no longer working for them. Using the client/therapist relationship based on trust and understanding, she helps her clients examine their belief systems and the origins of these beliefs to determine what changes can be made to resolve conflicts and dysfunction in their lives. This work increases self-awareness, shifts outlook on life from the negative to positive, and empowers individuals to live more satisfying, productive lives.
Diann works out of our Royal Oak office.

To make an appointment with Diann, call 248 546 0407, or send an email to: info@relationship-institute.com